We re-develop buildings into their full potential as modern residences.

Our primary job is to safeguard and protect the investment capital entrusted to us for our projects.



We purchase and renovate assets with strong fundamentals of location and design. Our fund is actively purchasing, renovating, and renting out a large portfolio of single family assets on a long-term basis. Investment opportunities are available in 2016.


As a large wave of new multi-family construction enters the market in 2016, the multifamily sector remains robust but with growing dispersion across geographic markets. Strong multifamily property price growth has been driven by investor confidence, strong fundamentals, and availability of capital.



Apartment rents have marched steadily higher for six consecutive years due to tough lending standards for home buyers and a shortage of apartments for middle-income renters. Interest rates, foreign investments, and a potential slowdown in rents urge caution as we approach 2020 and beyond.

Real estate private debt and equity opportunities, simplified.


We're a small team with agility to invest in low cost properties. Often in the real estate industry, there are many small transactions available providing high IRR. Larger funds have high overhead costs and cannot take advantage of smaller deals because they have limited time and staff, who have to focus on larger transactions to utilize their capital.

RRC runs a young, agile operation with low overhead costs and streamlined operations that allow us to invest in smaller deals at higher volumes than other real estate funds. 


Our focus is on strong, steady rental income streams for our investors, and maximizing the price at which we sell the property through operational and physical improvements.



  • Proactive and responsive communication.
  • Invest in robust real estate transactions based on thoughtful market analysis, thorough due diligence, and conservative underwriting.
  • Maintain the highest levels of integrity with investors, tenants, our employees, and the local community.
  • Provide tenants with high quality housing, including safety improvements, interior and exterior renovations, and a professional and accessible management team.